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11 Things to Carry on Your Next Trip to Kolli Hills


Packing your suitcase for your trip can be tricky. The first things you will do after planning a trip is to book a good hotel in Kolli Hills.

Once you are done with hotel bookings and all the other travel arrangements, the next bugging question is what to pack for the trip. This is crucial because over packing is always an issue while traveling to any hill stations. You need to pack right to have the best vacation experience.

To make your trip smooth, we have come up with the 11 most essential things to carry on your next trip to Kolli Hills.

1. Warm Clothes

Whenever you travel to any hill station, warm clothes are a must. The climate is cold all around the year in Kolli Hills. So, before planning a trip, take the weather into account. Choose clothes that keep you warm and comfortable.

To avoid frostbites keep yourselves fully covered at all times. Our body temperature goes down at high altitude, so take it into account while packing. Do pack a couple of scarves, sweaters, scarves, beanies, mufflers and leg warmers. These add style to your looks as well as keep you warm.

2. Medicines

Whenever you travel to Kolli Hills, do carry a first aid kit with you. With extreme temperatures and rocky terrain, you need to be extra-cautious with your health. The first-aid kit comes handy in emergency situations.

Prepare a first aid box that holds all basic essentials like band-aids, allergy creams, wet tissues, cotton, and medications. If you have allergic reactions to anything, pack the necessary medicines.

You may not get the required medicines in a remote location like Kolli Hills. Moreover, the medical kit won’t occupy much space in your travel bag.

3. Shoes & Socks

A trip to Kolli Hills involves long walks and exciting adventurous activities like mountain climbing, hiking, etc. Make sure to pack your most comfortable pair of shoes and socks. This is mainly to keep you warm and to avoid blisters and sore feet.

Pack mountain boots if you plan to go for trekking in Kolli Hills. If it’s just for walking, opt for thick shoes. A Pair of woolen socks will keep your feet warm during the night time. Wearing the right shoes protects you from slipping.

4. Skin Care

Extreme climate leads to drying of skin. The moisturizers, body lotions and lip balms keep the moisture of your skin intact. In hill stations like Kolli Hills, the direct sun rays cause damage to your skin.

Lip balms prevent dryness and cracking of lips. Use moisturizers that have a rich quality of soy milk, honey, cocoa and Shea butter. There is a common misconception that sunscreen is not required in hill stations like Kolli Hills. On the opposite, a good quality sunscreen lotion reduces skin tanning and burning.

5. Flashlight

One thing that is easily forgotten in a trip is a flashlight. Kolli Hills (all hill stations) is subjected to power cuts and some may have dimmed street lights. If you are exploring attractions past sunset, it is wise to carry a pair of torch lights.

Most of our mobile phones have an inbuilt flashlight, but the battery may run out of battery anytime. So, it is better to be safe than sorry. Do pack a flashlight. It can save you some day.

6. Toiletry Bag

Pack a basic toiletry bag that carries soaps, shampoos, dental and personal hygiene products. You cannot search for a shop in the midst of the trip that sells your favorite brand product. Packing required toiletries are also economical as it avoids the need to buy new things.

Instead of carrying all essential in big bottles and packets, use ziplock bags and old lens cases to carry them in required proportions. This reduces more space usage in your traveling bags. Also, use plastic wraps to avoid spillage of creams and lotions inside your luggage.

7. Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses protect your eyes from the haze and the blaze of the sun. Even in hill stations like Kolli Hills, the direct sun rays can be dangerous to your eyes, which induce dizziness and headache.

If you are planning for a hiking in the mountain trails, then sunglasses are a must. You can enjoy the beauty of Kolli Hills better. It also protects your eyes from minute dust particles. So sunglasses are very important whenever you plan a trip to Kolli Hills.

8. Umbrella

The climate in the Kolli Hills is unforeseeable. You cannot predict when there will be sunshine or shower. You may get stuck in one place because of sudden rain or hail. So, it is necessary to carry an umbrella to protect you from the different mood of Kolli Hills.

Pack folding umbrella that is easy to carry and also takes less space in your suitcase. If you try to buy umbrellas at any tourist destination, it will definitely be twice the original rate. So carry your own umbrella to avoid traveler scams.

9. Camera

The best part of Kolli Hills is capturing a glance of the beautiful scenery. Bring your camera with you to turn that perfect beauty into a lifelong memory. The quality and resolution of pictures taken by the camera are matchless to the ones taken by smartphones.

You can relive your best moments in Kolli Hills by seeing the pictures taken and it is something which cannot be replaced by anything. Also, pack a portable power bank, extra pair of batteries and memory card for your camera.

10. Eatables

Always pack some eatables like biscuits, candies, and wafers that will come handy if you long for a quick bite or get stuck in a remote place. This also saves your day if you travel with small children who are always hungry.

You can carry a bag of trail mix (A Trail mix is a mix of dried nuts, fruits, chocolates and graham crackers) which can be taken as snacks in the midst of mountain climbing and hiking. Also, there will be no need to cook during camping or searching for restaurants at odd hours in Kolli Hills.

11. Extra Bag

Always carry a few extra bags (clothe and jute bags) which will come handy in tricky situations. You can pack dirty clothes in these bags and prevent it from mixing with unused clothes. You can save space by rolling the used clothes in a bundle and then packing it.

The extra bags also serve another purpose. You can carry the souvenirs and other items that you have bought from the local street shops. As you cannot pack everything within the suitcase you have brought to Kolli Hills. Also, carry few newspapers to wrap fragile goods.

These are the essential things that every vacationer needs to pack when traveling to Kolli Hills.


Source by Abinaya Shree Kannan

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