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A Gay Travel to Curacao


Looking for a totally relaxing sun, sand, beach gay travel getaway? Look no further than the tiny Dutch island of Curacao. Located off the coast of Venezuela, Curacao, hailed as a warm-weather mecca, is very accepting of the gay lifestyle and offers many gay oriented accommodations including the Avila Beach Hotel and the Hotel Kura Hulanda Spa and Casino, both of which are so gay friendly they offer commitment ceremonies on location. If you’re looking for a place to stay where you’ll also be able to take advantage of some of the best scuba diving and snorkeling in the Caribbean, gay friendly Lions Dive and Beach Resort or Habitat Curacao are the perfect locations for this.

The island also has several meet and greet hot-spots to choose from, just in case you want to come in from beach and experience some local culture, art and history — just in case. If such a mood were to strike, and you happen to enjoy a nightlife scene complete with a variety of local Latin dance music, Lyrics is the place to be. If you want more of a laid back approach to happy hour, definitely check out Mambo Beach or Wet and Wild, both offer live music and a great place to watch the sunset over the peacefulness of the ocean. If the bar scene is not part of your gay travel itinerary, Curacao offers historical fare in the form of the Maritime Museum, the Curacao Postal Museum and the oldest, still operating synagogue in the western hemisphere, Mikve Israel-Emmanuel Synagogue.

As for the beaches, WOW! Curacao’s beaches are miniature oasis’ among themselves. With over 35 beaches to choose from, many in their own secluded coves, you can settle in for the ultimate in relaxation as you kick back in a hammock stretched over soft white sands while being lulled with the sound of the tide as it gently caresses the point where water meets land. The perfect place to leave all cares behind, or let them float out to sea, your spirit will be totally refreshed after spending time on these incredible beaches.

You never know what treasures you’ll uncover on this magnificent island and if you’re in need of some sun, fun and relaxation in the Caribbean, then Curacao should be at the top of your “places for gay travel” list. You won’t be disappointed.


Source by Howie Holben

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