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A Travel Guide – Bahamas Vacation


A Bahamas Vacation has always sounded like paradise on earth, but did you know that when you travel to the Bahamas you aren’t just going to one island, but many.

Travelling from one end of the Bahamas to the other, not only are there the well known islands like Grand Bahama, The Abacos, Eleuthera, and Exuma, but the Bahamas is in fact a country of 700 islands, of which 23 are inhabited but there are many unpopulated islets and cays.

The differences to be found between different islands is also extreme, when you take cosmopolitan Nassau and compare it to the desert like Inagua. As you can imagine being only fifty miles off the Florida Coast, the Bahamas are very much an American playground, indeed on a lot of the islands the tiny villages could almost be the same as ones found on the coast of Massachusetts, only the palms, and sands are different.

A Bahamas Vacation has long been popular with sailors because the sea is calm, there are cooling tradewinds and this is the home of the Gulf Stream which makes the climate so pleasant. The Gulf Stream also is the reason that there are so many large fish, and a general abundance of marine life, so a lot of people travel to the Bahamas for a vacation just for the sport fishing.

No vacation in the Bahamas would be complete without spending time either snorkelling or scuba diving. The Gulf Stream is again responsible for the sheer underwater delights, the spectacular shoals of fish which congregate around the reefs, which are over 5% of the total number of coral reefs in the world. You will never tire of this underwater technicolour fantasy world in the Bahamas.

Probably more people take a Bahamas Vacation because of the beauty of the beaches than anything else and no Bahamas trip would be complete without a visit to the pink sands of Harbour Island and Eleuthera.

Having said that there are more beaches in the Bahamas than you could ever visit in your entire life, but you should take the time to go to the Exumas and San Salvador where you will almost be alone on their beautiful beaches.

After you are sated by the beautiful beaches and everything the sea has to offer you on your Bahamas Vacation, why not go ashore and just enjoy the sheer spellbinding beauty of the Bahamas Islands. You can fly from island to island or just take a flight to see the amazing sight of the white sand, green islands, coral keys, turquoise sea, lovely little villages, all totally unforgettable.

On the ground why not hire a bicycle and explore, then of course there are the masses of other things to do on dry land. Your vacation in the Bahamas could consist of staying in one of the many world class properties and hotels that dot the islands, playing tennis, golf on beautiful championship courses.

Shopping is another delight on your vacation to the Bahamas in one of the island’s shopping arcades. If you like to gamble then there are casinos, but then again there really is nothing like sitting on a pink sand beach with a good book, a cool drink, surrounded by your family.

A Bahamas Vacation can bring you close to paradise on earth.


Source by Praveen Peter

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