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Benefits of a Wheelchair Van


Wheelchair users can enjoy greater travel experience with the use of Wheelchair vans. The fully automated wheelchair vans provide users utmost convenience, as they can get in and out without the help of others.

A remote control provides operates almost all the task capably. With the use of the remote control you can open the door of the van. When the door is opened the low entry floor at the back will pop out. The user on their wheelchair can conveniently get in or out of the van. The strong and sturdy floor is made of steel.

The spacious vans can accommodate two users of wheelchairs comfortably. The van is provided with many accessories to make travel a pleasant experience. Wheel chair vans are available in various sizes; small, large and very large. You can custom make your wheelchair van according to your requirements. This way you can add or delete features to make it more personal for your use.

According to the model and size the costs of these vans differ. The price ranges from $15,000 to $25,000 and even more. You also have the facility to rent a van. This option will be suitable for those who cannot afford to buy one. One can rent the van on a day-to-day basis, weekly or on a monthly basis. Some social service schemes rent the van on discounts.

If you are a wheelchair user who is preparing to travel to distant places, the van will make your journey all the more convenient and enjoyable. This can be used for family travel too! However, caution should be taken not to over crowd it. You should not compromise on the space, protection, comfort and ventilation of the wheelchair user. A wheelchair van and a car can be used to make a good family trip.


Source by Jessica N King

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