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Considering Vacations To South America? Five Travel Tips To Make Your Vacation a Success


Vacations to South America are typically a once in a lifetime experience, which means that people who visit here often want to get the most out of every location they discover on their travels. If you’re considering a vacation to this continent, use these tips to help ensure that you have a great time.

Travel Tip #1: Check to Make Sure You Don’t Need an Entry Visa

It’s a given that you’ll need a valid passport, but some countries will also require an entry visa, especially if you’re considering staying for more than 90 days. Different countries will have very different requirements. For instance, Brazil requires a visa for any length of stay, but Chile allows visitors to stay for up to three months without one. Some countries will also require that visitors have proof of a return ticket and they won’t allow you in the country without a return ticket.

Travel Tip #2: Learn A Little Spanish

Most of the countries in South America speak Spanish, so it’s not a bad idea to learn a few key phrases before you go. Although some places, such as Brazil, speak Portuguese, the two languages are similar enough that travelers find they can get by with Spanish. Many people do speak a little English, especially in the tourist areas, so you’ll likely be okay without learning a lot of Spanish but the locals will certainly appreciate your attempt to speak their language.

Travel Tip #3: Time Your Visit Right, Especially If You Want To See The Summer Sky

The best time to plan your vacations depends on what you’re looking for. Do you want to discover the summer sky? If so, you’ll need to plan your vacations during December or January. If you like skiing, sledding and snowboarding, consider a trip to Chile or Argentina in July or August. If you’re coming from the Northern Hemisphere, you’ll need to remember that the seasons will be switched when planning your vacations.

Travel Tip #4: Change Money Before You Go

Since you’ll be traveling to places throughout South America, it’s a given that your local currency won’t work. It’s usually easy to change money at the airport or even get funds out through a local ATM, but many people prefer to have some local currency on them before they arrive in country. You can usually change money through your local bank, but make sure to call first because some small banks have to special order currency and don’t keep it stocked.

Travel Tip #5: Visit Your Doctor For Any Necessary Immunizations

Some places in South America require different immunizations than what’s required in your home country. Some countries, such as Brazil, don’t require extra vaccinations, but they do recommend that visitors protect themselves against typhoid and yellow fever. You may also need a certificate from your doctor verifying that you’ve been vaccinated. If you do not have this certificate, you might not be allowed to travel or you might be turned away once you arrive in country.

Before you go, discover what you need to do before your visit to South America. If you use these tips, you can help ensure a great time on your vacations.


Source by Heidi T Creighton

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