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Dog Carriers & Travel Bags – They’re Not As Silly As They Sound


There are many reasons to buy a dog carrier bag for your pet, from age and health reasons, to the fact that little legs get tired quicker than ours, to reasons of safety.

A very practical reason is to allow you and your dog access to many areas that do not allow dogs – public transport, shopping centres, cafes etc.. I cringe when I see dogs tied up outside shops and malls. The problems that can arise from this are many and varied. A dog which has been tied up can be put in a very fearful state and may even nip or bite at people or children if approached.

Your pet is also open to abuse or even theft when left unattended. If your dog is contained in a pet carrier entry into these areas cannot be so readily refused. Many people use a pet carrier bag to sneak their pets into apartment buildings with undue rules regarding animal access. These rules are usually trying to stop dogs and cats soiling communal areas, so confinement within a dog carrier bag alleviates any of these concerns.

Backpacks for dogs are great if you are going on a trek and would like your dog to come and enjoy the fun. Smaller dogs can over heat quite quickly and need a break from walking more often than you. Sling carriers are great for puppies and tiny dogs. They look very much like a babies papoose style carrier and are quick and easy to use.

Get your dog used to being in its carrier bag, by first just letting it sit in it quietly at home. Put some treats or their favourite toy in there as well. When they have become more used to the confined space then you can start to walk about with the bag. It won’t take long for them to associate good things with getting into their travel bag.

Car booster seats for dogs are also a brilliant idea. Many small dogs get car sick as they are below the window level and get no airflow or visibility from such a low angle. This can cause motion sickness and result in a dog that can’t go in the car with you. A booster seat raises them up so they can see out the window and get plenty of fresh air in their faces. They are also fixed into the seats with safety attachments which keep them securely fixed in the booster seat.

Dogs and the City carries an exclusive range of carrier bags from designer dog bags, casual sling bags to backpacks for dogs. We also carry a range of car booster seats for dogs and safety belt attachments.


Source by Lisa Catherine Wolfenden

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