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Eco Travel and Tour Guide


Eco travel involves taking trips that cause minimal or no impact on the environment and the people who inhabit the area. The destinations are typically places that are multi-cultural and diverse in their biological set up. This forms part of the reasons why tourists are attracted to these places, which offer culture, wildlife and nature.

The conservation of natural resources is a fundamental component of eco tourism. During these trips, tourists are made aware of factors such as the endangered species of animals that are present in a particular destination.

The trip is fully committed to eco awareness, right from the mode of transportation to the type of accommodation. Everything is geared towards positively impacting the environment.

Environmental issues are on the mind of environmentally conscious travelers. Another interesting factor in line with this is the cultural awareness. In this case, travelers spend ample time with local people in a bid to learn more about them and gain an understanding of their lifestyles. Through this interaction, travelers also get to learn about the challenges that these people face and what needs to be done to overcome these challenges in a positive manner.

Eco travel is an experience that leaves a long lasting impression on the minds of travelers who get actively involved. By the time they get back home, they will have learnt the importance of environmentally conscious behavior. The lessons learnt during such trips can be used in everyday life.

The objective of ecotourism is to travel to natural locations that facilitate learning and activities, which do not make a negative impact on the area. It also focuses on empowering the people in that area both economically and socially. During trips, it is essential to strive to be environmentally responsible in all ways possible. Travelers are required to actively participate in conservation and awareness projects.


Source by Julie Bowman

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