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Great Travel Tips For Visitors Going to Salt Lake City, Utah


Salt Lake City is located in a beautiful mountain valley in the Wasatch Mountains and sits at an elevation a bit above 4,000 feet above sea level. If you are planning to visit Salt Lake City or already live there like a Salt Lake City bankruptcy lawyer, decide what time of year you would like to see it as it varies with the seasons. The most popular time of year, according top a Salt Lake City bankruptcy attorney, is in the winter where skiers and snowboarders visit by the thousands. This article will offer a few highlights of what you may wish to do while visiting Utah.

Many people want to enjoy the wonderful ski resorts that Utah offers and the city is no exception. There are two great ski resorts near downtown and they are called Solitude and Alta/Snowbird. Outside magazine just named Alta and Snowbird the top resort in North America for 2009 and was also awarded for having the best snow. The drier western air with abundant sunshine provides hours of great skiing for those who wish to hit the slopes and what could be better than going to the best resort on the continent? If you are not a skier, they also have abundant cross country trails as well and snowshoeing trails as well near these resorts. There is always something fro everyone to do.

One of the main parts of downtown is Temple Square which is a variety of buildings owned and run by the church of latter day saints. The largest Mormon population in the country is in the state of Utah and the largest church known as the Salt Lake Temple is located here. It is quite a large building with huge spires. Another great thing to do would be to see a concert put on by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir which is also located in the square, they are world famous. If you are curious about your own family history, this square also houses the worlds biggest collection of genealogy information in a special family library.

Another great thing to see while visiting is to go to some of the places that were built for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. Start out by going to the Olympic Cauldron Park where the visitor center is and where they held the medal ceremonies for the athletes. Another great place in the city is the Utah Olympic Oval which held various events like speed skating.

Take some time to go to Antelope Island State park where the Great Lake is a part of. You can see why this area is named after this unique lake colored white from the salt as well as go hiking through some of the beautiful trails located in this great state park. The City has changed some of its laws downtown regarding alcohol use. In the past, you had to buy a membership to order a drink and go to a bar but that is no longer required.


Source by Connor R Sullivan

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