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Holiday & Travel Guide For Parga, Greece



The wonderful small town of Parga on the Greek mainland is very picturesque, with its Venetian style white washed houses lining the cobbled streets that are decorated with flowers in bloom all through the Summer months. This delightful town has a few tourist attractions on offer. For one there are more than enough churches to visit, St Nikolas church dominates the centre of the town and is quite impressive from the outside but when you enter its rather disappointing, but still worth a visit. The castle that stands above the town is definitely worth the long walk up the narrow pathway. If you’re walking ability is limited then you may not manage to walk up the many steps that lead you to the castle. Just walking around the narrow streets in Parga is interesting and very photogenic. They are rather steep but at a leisurely pace most people will be able to explore the area. If you’re feeling energetic and would like some fabulous shots of the scenery on the island I would advise a walk up the hill to the little church. The views are panoramic and it really is well worth the walk. For those of you wanting to see something a little more architectural then you could either hire a car to drive to Ioannina or take public transport. The town has an ancient Oracle of the Dead and also a large Amphitheatre to explore along with the old castle that they now use as a museum.

Shopping and eating

The best place to shop is probably in the old part of the town where it is a warren of shops of every kind. You can purchase beautiful handmade jewellery and leather items along with some quality ceramics. There has to be something for everyone whether it’s in the old town or newer part. You will also find some interesting items in the local villages around Parga. There are about as many restaurants as there are shops in this small town so you have an excellent amount of choice. This is excellent for those families on a budget as you will be sure to find somewhere that the price is right. The cuisine is mostly Greek but there are Chinese, Italian and places serving typical international meals. For those of you who don’t like to experiment you will even find a co-op store to stock up on shopping. This is ideal if you are self catering and need to purchase those necessities you may have forgotten to bring along with you.


All the beaches in Parga are wonderful, peaceful and not too crowded. Valtos beach is ideal for swimming, jet skiing and having a go on the banana boat along with boating and many other activities. You will find most of the beaches have good facilities and activities to suit most people. With the weather from April through to October being very nice it’s ideal for a holiday away at anytime of the year.

Happy Holidays


Source by Trevor Butler

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