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How to Find Bargain Prices on a JanSport Driver 8 Backpack


I came across an ad in the paper today for a JanSport Driver 8 Backpack, and couldn’t believe that the bags are retailing for over $100! I did a little searching and found the exact same line of bags for under $70. Curious to learn about these great bags and the bargain deal I found? Keep reading.

At first glance, this new JanSport backpack looks fairly standard. Upon closer inspection though, you’ll realize that the Driver 8 is actually a hybrid between a backpack and a small roller suitcase. I think they are perfect for kids traveling through airports, but I’ve even seen a few adults with them. I ordered mine to use as a weekend bag, but I’m sure it will get a fair amount of use as a carry-on bag when I travel by plane. I like the flexibility to either wear it on my back if I need to move through the crowded airport quickly, or just roll it along behind me as I walk across campus. Heavy textbooks are no longer a problem – I can take them with me without killing my back!

The Driver 8 Model has recently gained popularity because it is the only full-sized backpack with wheels, and customers really seem to love the laptop sleeve with protective padding.

Where to find bargain prices on a JanSport Driver 8 Backpack?

We all know that online stores are able to offer lower prices thanks to their large volume of sales and low overhead, but the price break is usually countered with high shipping charges and a week or month-long wait until the item you want is in stock.

This isn’t the case with the JanSport Driver 8 Backpack. Right now the popularity of these bags is so high that you can order them through certain retailers online and even qualify for free shipping. I found sale prices as low as $62.99, and you can too.


Source by L.K. Reid

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