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How to Play Paintball – Basic Explanation of Paintball Gear and Rules


The exciting and thrilling game of paintball is easy to understand for the first time players. Learn about different aspects of playing paintball, from the gear required to the rules followed.

Paintball combines the fun of playing an outdoor game with friends and family with the adventure associated with combat games. A number of different versions of the game exist, while the basic aspects of playing remain the same. Spend few minutes learning about them from the discussion below.

Paintball Gear Required

Paintball guns and paint balls are obviously the main parts of the paintball gear. Hopper rails and air tank are other important parts of the paintball equipment. Besides, the players need to wear masks and goggles and use barrel plugs to ensure safety while playing. Bunkers and hideaways are the things that raise the adventure level of the game.

Paintball Course and Terrain

The field you choose to play paintball may vary in size, but make sure you set the boundaries for the play. Consider the number of players while deciding the playfield size. Choose the field that has a mix of flat and risen areas. Trees and bushes can add a high level to the game. Don’t forget to designate the dead zone where the players stay after getting eliminated.

Paintball Rules

Paintball can be played in teams or with individual players. The main rule is to hit the opposite player by shooting paint balls through a pistol or paintball marker. The player who receives a quarter-like mark of paint on body or equipment is declared out. Once all the players of one team are eliminated or a set goal is achieved by a team or a player, the game finishes. The eliminated player must raise his pistol or gun over the head and declare that he or she is hit while walking off.

Deciding the Goal

Paintball is one game in which the players may decide one of the many possible goals to win. For example, collecting flags is one popular goal for a paintball game. Another way to decide the winning team can be the elimination of all players of a team.

It is important to keep it a safe play by wearing safety gear and avoiding overshooting or shooting from too close. Buy good quality paintball gear to make best out of the paintball experience.


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