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From iPod auto accessories to travel Podcasts

Apple’s iPods have blown the mp3 player competition away like a tornado in Kansas. With unbeatable marketing, Apple has turned the iPod into more than just an mp3 player, but an integral part of the average person’s day. In our high tech society, the iPod now is even an important part of traveling. With a billion accessories, here is a run-down of the necessary iPod travel accessories – or at least as necessary as an iPod can be.

Road trippin’ – iPod auto accessories

Taking your iPod on a road trip with you is a lot easier than carrying a hundred CDs. There are plenty of iPod auto accessories and adapters that enable you to listen to your iPod in your car, some are better than others though.

If you have an older car that still has a cassette player, I recommend using Coby’s $9.00 CA-747. It’s not fancy, but it does the job. But as most people do not have cassette players in their cars anymore, iPod FM transmitters are the next option. The only problem with iPod FM transmitters is finding a station to tune to and being able to stay tuned to that station for a long duration. In my opinion, the best iPod FM transmitter is the iTrip FM Transmitter from Griffin. The large LCD screen makes it easier to see what you are doing while driving and the multiple broadcasting modes help you get the best possible audio quality from your radio.

The battery of an iPod doesn’t last forever, but there are plenty of ways to power your iPod in the car. I recommend the Griffin PowerJolt Auto Charger, to keep the tunes going while driving.

Walking around

People walking around with earbuds sticking out their ears is a common site these days. If you’re on vacation with a friend, I recommend buying the Monster iSplitter, so whether you’re on a plane or a train or walking around – you can share your music with a friend.

Carrying it all

With all these iPod accessories, you’ll need something to carry them in. Depending on how many iPod accessories you are bringing there are many choices to carry and protect your precious iPod within. The most popular and well-made iPod bags are Waterfield Designs’ iPod Gear Pouch, which comes in two sizes. The small bag will fit all size iPods, earbuds, Firewire/USB cable and power or supply or arm band. The large fits all of the above, plus other accessories like a car stereo adapter, FM transmitter, extra batter and more. Plus they come in different colors.

If you are carrying more stuff, there are plenty of messenger bags that have special iPod and mp3 player holders. For example STM’s Xs drift courier bag is large enough to fit all your gear, but not so big that it’s bulky and in the way.


You wouldn’t want to damage your precious iPod – would you? There are plenty protection options from the cute and colored iPod socks to the multiple iSkin options out there. My personal favorite though is the Otterbox Waterproof cases, perfect for beach vacations.


Podcasts are huge, and there are hundreds if not thousands of Travel Podcasts out there. Wcities offers free City Guide Podcast downloads for over 300 cities. You can find a Podcast for just about any destination or topic. For more great travel Podcasts visit the TP Insider.

With hundreds of iPod accessories out there, the decisions are endless; luckily is here to guide you along the way from iPod auto accessories and adapters to iPod FM transmitters and Podcasts.


Source by Robin Grant

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