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Ladies Travel Guide


First of all, it’s important to do your research before going away on holiday. Sure, spontaneous travel can be an exciting and uplifting experience, but a bit of preparation can always help. It’s best to try and avoid arriving late at night and to book taxis/transfers from the airport to your accommodation in advance.

1. A comprehensive knowledge of the area- Study maps are very critical.This is whereby one can seek consent from friends all over about the destinations that she intends to go. You need to have a map of where you are going to act as a guide of what to expect. For instance when one land in an airport it is always necessary to have an Idea of who you expect to pick you up and the information of the hotel that one will be residing is very paramount. This is because safety comes first above anything else.

2. How to stay safe- This include the type of friends one needs to make prior to visiting the kind of destination of choice. Being a lady traveler is an integral part of your own development and as such one need to ensure that travelling must be very safe before practically doing it. One would need to have mostly lady friends in the country of destination that they have made online. Ask questions of what to carry, where to live for the time in the country and could be any political insights in the country that would deter the travel. The contacts should be from reputable tour companies or from friends who the lady may have met before and with a lot of trust.

3. What to carry while travelling- to be on the safe side, it is always good to ensure that you protect your stuff. For one there is no need to carry nice things for the first travel and regret later incase anything happens. Upon arrival, you do not need to move with any of your expensive items since you are not very familiar with the surroundings and who knows anything can happen and one ends up losing the goodies. Travel documents should also be kept safe. One should ensure that the hotel booked to reside in is a reputable one and should feel free to leave the travel documents in case you are out in a swimming session or spa or even moving to the game parks.

4. Clothing- One should look for modest dress that is great in value and should instill confidence when worn. This is to ensure that when you are out on trips you are comfortable with the kind of wears that you have put on. It is also desirable to keep some money aside to buy some stuff of the resident’s destination. This may make one even more comfortable when you look like the residents themselves and somehow they may not notice you as a visitor.

5. Finally, remember to trust your gut! As with everything else in life the one person you can always rely upon is yourself. Trust your instincts at all times, if a situation or a person doesn’t feel right then politely refuse and walk the other way. Traveling solo is all about discovering the world on your own terms and having fun with it, so ladies instead of waiting around to find someone who can move around with you, grab a map and start planning your next holiday. You will not regret it!


Source by Nudrat Naheed

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