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Mexican Travel – Art Tourism & Mata Ortiz Pottery


One of the best kept secrets in the art world today, is the new resurgence of classical Mexican art. Speculators and collectors of works such as Mata Ortiz pottery have seen their initial investments increase as much as threefold over the past ten years alone.

You Might Want to Avoid Tourist Hot Spots

One great tip if you’re only in the initial stages of planning your next trip down south of the border, is to do some research ahead of time. You see, you may have to adjust your travel itinerary to place you where the best deals on art purchases are to be had. For instance, tourist hot spots aren’t necessarily always the best places to look.

Prices Can Be Comparable to those Back Home

Of course more popular destinations, with names like Cancun, Cozumel and Cabo San Lucas all have their posh galleries but you’re also going to have to pay premium prices there as well. In fact don’t be at all surprised if you find what they charge to be comparable to what you can pay up north of the border.

Look to Less Hyped Destinations Like Oaxaca

Look to less traveled and less hyped destinations, such as Oaxaca where woodcarving has been a local tradition for generations. Even so, once you get there, try to avoid the galleries in the central areas of town. Bear in mind that taxi drivers get a commission for delivering tourists to these hot spots.

Get the Inside Scoop From Bartenders and Waiters

Talk to bartenders and waiters if you want to get the inside scoop on what’s going on around town behind the tourist facade and definitely talk to more than one. They generally don’t have commission deals set up like the taxi drivers do and more likely than not, even have local artists that stop in as customers.

Mata Ortiz Pottery Can be Expensive Even Down there

You’re also going to have to be ready to bargain because if you’re a gringo, you can bet that they’ve jacked the price up a bit already. Now some works like Mata Ortiz pottery with prices easily reaching $300 per pot can be more expensive than you anticipated, so know what your looking for and know your price range, before you head out.


Source by Sandy Ferris

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