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Movies About Travel That Have Become Famous


Many of us watch many travel movies only to realize that we do this inadvertently because we are passionately fond of travel adventures. Here are a few movies on Travel that have proved popular through the ages. It is possible to watch such classics over and over without getting bored. Many of us may even be inspired to set off to one of these destinations.

Into the Wild

This is a true story of Christopher McCandless, who has just graduated from a college and wishes to hitchhike his way to Alaska. He parts with his life savings, meets various people on the way and is regaled with stories. He lives in the wilderness in Alaska on his own and the movie is about the experiences and adventures that he faces as he approaches “The Last Frontier.” It makes sense to go on such expeditions and learn to live life to the hilt gaining experience as you go along.

Last Stop for Paul

This is a low budget movie worth watching. The movie has been shot without using a script and the actors are not really doing a great job. However the message that is relayed is humorous. The move is spontaneously shot like most travel deals are sought. The movie focuses on 2 men who set off for two weeks round the world and spread the ashes of their friends in every country they stop.

Seven Years in Tibet

This movie is about an Austrian mountaineer who is hell-bent on conquering a Himalayan mountain in 1939. He gets caught and is sent to prison camp where he escapes with another person and sneaks into Lhasa, the holy city of Tibet. The Chinese invade Tibet by force when he meets the young Dalai Lama and befriends him. They have much to learn from the other. The mountaineer changes his whole attitude as he is faced with many new experiences in a foreign country.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Vicky and Christina are two friends who go on a vacation to Barcelona. They meet Juan Antonio, a mysterious painter, who invites them to spend the summer with him. Christina is the more daring of the two while Vicky is reserved and engaged to be married. The movie is about the three getting involved in a sex relationship and there is high drama. The movie reaches a climax when Juans’ ex-wife, who is mentally disturbed, turns up. The movie is set in Barcelona, Spain and the landscapes are beautifully depicted along with cityscapes. This movie lets you experience the various thrills that can await you when you travel to a foreign country and enlightens you on various aspects of life. You feel a strong urge to visit Spain when you see the beautiful landscapes and scenes in the movie.

Encounters at the end of the World

This movie is an enthralling movie about Antarctica and the animals and people who live there. Werner Herzog is the director and he has lived up to his reputation in making the movie funny and interesting. You find world travelers living and working at the National Science Foundation research station. This is more refreshing than watching Discovery Channel takes on Antarctica. You will feel like packing and heading to this beautiful destination when you see the breathtaking views of this place. Movies inspire and thrill you into action or make you want to head to exotic destinations.

When you watch movies, you are motivated into setting off to some unknown place in search of adventure and thrills. You can enjoy a movie by sitting back and watching it with a friend or alone. Sip a glass of wine, enjoy a bowl of popcorn and be transported to an exciting new world for a few hours!


Source by Matthew Kepnes

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