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Rolling Carry-On Luggage


We have all seen the little old lady tottering down an airline’s aisle pulling behind her a rolling carry-on case that could not track a straight line if her life depended on it. That is one danger when buying rolling luggage. When you buy, be sure that the wheels are sturdy enough to track a straight line wherever you go. If you travel, you will want to become proficient at choosing because; make no mistake, rolling carry-on luggage is here to stay.

It does not matter if you want black leather or a blood red nylon rolling bag, you will definitely want at least one piece of rolling carry-on luggage. I prefer the black leather for my personal carry-on luggage. I am very conservative in my preference of carry-on luggage. I like wheels – sturdy wheels that keep the bags steady and secure and moving forward as quickly as I like to walk. But there are all kinds of materials for you to choose from as well as varying designs to fit specific needs.

The interesting thing about rolling carry-on luggage is that even though it is small, the designers have put so many pockets in them that you can carry nearly everything except a volume of clothing. If you are a day tripper, there is plenty of room for your computer and papers plus a change of clothing if you should need to stay overnight.

If you are traveling for a two or three day trip, a wheeled duffel bag is a great piece of luggage to use. Not only is it easy to handle, but it is expandable so that you can fit clothing plus your travel accessories in the soft-sided bag. I prefer soft sided bags rather than hard shell cases, even with wheels. They seem to be able to fit into the odd sized area that the airline provides or even the remaining space in the truck of your car when packing for a trip.

You want your carry on bags to be lightweight and sturdy. There is a multitude of styles, materials and colors available for rolling carry-on luggage. Be sure and chose according to your use and personal taste. There is nothing that says that you must be conservative – let your imagination go wild; pick out that crazy color leather wheeled bag or just have fun with whatever your choice may be.


Source by Jamie Doyle

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