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Ten Essential Things to Do When You Visit Thailand


It’s not hard to understand why Thailand has become such a hot name when tourism is the topic of discussion. After all, Thailand is very rich in terms of its culture as manifested by its various museums and temples. At the same time, Thailand has a lot to brag about with its natural resources. These are two large factors which bring tourists from all over the world into Thailand.

1.) Bangkok’s Canals

Bangkok, Thailand is known for its open canals. This is used for various open water activities, and you can find floating houses here, which will certainly make you wonder how do these houses remain floating? At the same time, you can also shop in Thailand’s open canals, indeed a very bright and original way to do your shopping.

2.) Tarutao Marine National Park

Thailand makes an effort to preserve its wildlife resources and its animal and plant species. While being ardent in protecting them, you can enjoy and relish their company through the Tarutao Marine National Park. You must not forget to visit here while you’re in Thailand.

3.) Temple of Wat Arun in Bangkok, Thailand

There are 400 Buddhist temples in Bangkok, Thailand, but Wat Arun is one of those temples which are most notable. This is because of its modern architectural design, and at the same time, its unique distinction from others. A portion of the temple contains images of Buddha’s life.

4.) Statue of Buddha in Ko Samui, Thailand

In the Island of Ko Samui, Thailand lays a world-famous statue of Buddha. This statue stands 12 m or 29 feet tall and is most notable for the bright colors with which it is portrayed. You must visit this religious place situated in an island not far from Thailand’s capital.

5.) Grand Palace, Bangkok

A world famous site is the Grand Palace, Bangkok. The Grand Palace is a complex of royal buildings where royalty in Thailand lives; however, only one complex, the Wat Phra Kaeo, is open to tourists. The Grand Palace is a place you must visit in Thailand.

6.) Thai Boxing

As the people in Thai call the sport, “Muay Thai,” it is something you definitely should not miss – whether by actual experience or by watching. Thai boxing is actually a very historic sport throughout the history of Thailand, even having royal and religious roots. Thai boxing in Thailand can never be the same as in other places.

7.) Thailand’s Theater and Arts

There are a variety of unique theater experiences you can have in Thailand. Two such examples are Khon and Nang Yai. Khon is a dramatization of Thailand’s myths and ancient tales, while Nang Yai, on the other hand, is portrayed through puppets of shadows.

8.) Suan Pakkad Palace

The palace is the perfect place for you to go if you want to have a look at traditional houses in Thailand. Also, in Suan Pakkad Palace, there are art collections which you might want to go to. This is a tourist destination that will suit an art lover’s taste.

9.) Vimameck Mansion

This mansion-turned-museum is graced for being the largest teakwood mansion in the world. What Thailand did was to turn Vimameck Mansion into a museum as well. Because of this, you not only get to see the mansion but you also get to see artifacts exhibited in the museum.

10.) National Museum in Bangkok

A visit to Bangkok shall not be complete without going to the National Museum. Chronicled in the National Museum is practically the history of Bangkok presented through artifacts from before up to the modern pieces of contemporary art. You will surely get to have the feel of Thailand through the National Museum.


Source by Jonathan Williams

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