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Ten Exciting Things to Do When Visiting Slovakia


Are you particularly fond of medieval stories? If you answered yes, then Slovakia will be a great place to visit. Because of its numerous fortified castles, medieval towns, caves, and mountains, it will delight any traveler looking for something different and unique to their personal experiences.

1.) Banská Bystrica

This resort is located between mountains which makes it a popular choice during winter and summer. In its center is the popular SNP square dating back to 13th century. It’s more popular structures are the Assumption of the Virgin Mary church, the enormous house of Veit Mühlstein, the renovated Stredoslovenske Muzeum reminiscent of renaissance house and the museum of the SNP.

2.) Nová BaHa

This city is located in Central Slovakia where the mounts Pohronský Inovec and Stiavnické vrchy join. This area is a great landscape that shows the picturesque town of Nová BaHa. Pohronský Inovec happens to be the predominant mountain here which is situated 900 m. above sea level from Stiavnické vrchy to Tríbe, and the altitude of the town proper is 220 m. above sea level.

3.) Partizanske

Historical monuments populate this area which includes the Simonovany Castle or water castle which is located on an island surrounded by the river Nitra. Another castle nearby is Brodzany with a green garden and a museum of its own named after a famous writer Alexander Sergejevic Puskin. And you may want to peek inside the Church of God’s Heart to see the marble cross showing a statue of Jesus.

4.) Bojnice’s Castle

The castle here in Bojnice is the main attraction of the area where several events are held, depending on the season. There’s the International Festival of Ghosts and Spirits, Valentine’s weekend, Christmas at the Castle and Fairytale Castle. The first is clearly the most popular among them.

5.) Zoo

This is also situated in Bojnice and makes the trip worth it. It boasts of the most modernized zoos in Central Europe where adults and children will find something to enjoy. There are parks that show different trees with interesting animals. Imagine looking at no less than 47 types of reptiles, over 80 kinds of fished, 75 mammal species and more 130 bird varieties.

6.) Walking Zone

If you’re in the mood for some walking, then Púchov will give you just that. An advanced community within a naturally beautiful setting, you will get to walk into a fountain created by an academic artist complete with colored lights that keeps changing. A Catholic church here was built way back during the 13th century, complete with a huge Communion table behind of which you will see a Cross.

7.) Javorniky

In Javoniky, you can go hiking, cycling, and riding horses, too. On your way, you can pick some blueberries when you reach the top of Jovorniky and taste them fresh. In this place is the hotel, Podjavornik, which provides spa services and a swimming pool.

8.) More Castles

In Rajecke Teplice is a baroque architecture of a church and a constructed Spa Aphrodite complete with thermal springs. This spa offers a relaxing time after all the activities with even therapeutic actions to boot. After a spa, you can then take a quick trip to nearby areas that offer more castles such as the one in Kunerad and the castle Lietava.

9.) Tvrdosin

This place is another haven with the wooden church built in Gothic style. It is the oldest of its kind in Tvrdosin. It has been reconstructed and restored several times that it even won the Europe Nostra Award for this extensive work.

10.) Vysoké Tatry

This is also known as High Tatras. This mountain is the highest point at 2,655 meters which many travelers visit. Rugged and mountainous areas make up much of the central and northern regions, a breathtaking sight to behold.


Source by Jonathan Williams

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