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The Wide Variety of Accessories For Your Ukulele


Your ukulele is your pride and joy. Whether you actually purchased it in Hawaii or ordered it for a reputable company, it is now your favorite instrument due to a variety of reasons. Maybe it’s the small, portable size or just the wonderful music you play with it, either way, you are pleased and enjoying it, and that’s all that matters. Have you ever thought about the accessories to maintain it or make it even more enjoyable?

There are many accessories available to the ukulele player to help keep their instrument in tiptop shape. There are specialty cloths and polishes to keep it dust free and wonderfully glossy that won’t leave residues behind to detract from the tone. They even make humidifiers that fit in the case to prevent hairline cracks in the delicate wood that can ruin a uke.

The cases in themselves have a variety of styles. There are hard and soft cases available, and depending on how often you play or if you travel with your ukulele often, these are an accessory that you must think about before purchasing. Many uke players actually have one of each that is fully fitted out with strings and cleaners ready to go at a moments notice. Often, though, a hard case is preferable if your ukulele will need to be stored for more than just a few days. However, if you play several times a day, every day, investing in a stand might be a good idea. You are obviously going to keep it clean if you play often and the convenience of a stand might be worth having to dust just a bit more often.

Pitch pipes and chromatic tuners will ensure that your ukulele will have the best sound it possibly can. These are accessories you simply cannot play without. Imagine how horrible a ukulele out of tune must sound! Keep it in tune and play your heart out. Everyone will enjoy it more if it has great sound.

If you are looking into the purchase of an amplified ukulele, don’t forget that an amp is one of the most important accessories you can purchase to go along with it. With that on your mind, looking at a baby amp might be exactly what you need. Highly portable, often battery powered, they are ready to make music at the simple request of your fingers on the strings.

And we really can not count it as a ukulele accessory, yet there are lots of ukulele music books that have DVD’s and CD’s in them that really can help you with you learning the ukulele. It does not take long until you begin sounding like your personal music teacher on the DVD.

No matter which ukulele and accessories you choose to purchase, make sure it is top grade. Don’t mess around with buying what is less expensive, being disappointed and having to spend more money than you originally planned. It is better to be happy right away, your enjoyment is worth it.


Source by Roy Cone

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