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Toys For Motorola DROID (Google Android Phone)


It is hard to look at the DROID without looking at the company which brought the device to life. With the DROID, Motorola has perhaps created its most attractive and intriguing piece of technology yet.

The Motorola Droid, with a screen slightly bigger than the iPhone, is the first truly lust-worthy smartphone from Verizon Wireless, and it puts all other Google Android phones to shame as Motorola’s Droid is said to be the best Google phone on the market, or maybe that’s not saying a whole lot. Could this be the death of the iPhone? You decide.

So now you’ve got the Droid, it’s time to get the Toys! Well I mean now let’s enhance the productivity of your Android by adding quality accessories like Chargers & Cables, Headsets, Cases, Memory Cards, Car Kits & Mounts, Bluetooth, Cradles, Batteries, Screen Protectors, Style, and much more.

These stylish and practical accessories allow you to take your PDA anywhere with you without having to stop enjoying your high tech investment.

As like latest smartphones this popular cell phone also sports brand new features like text messaging, speakerphone, voice dialing and more, that requires a lot of consumption of battery, therefore the first of all the important Motorola cell phone accessories is the cell phone charger of all types like travel charger, car charger, charging cradle etc. Universal USB-Home Travel Charger Adapter allows charging at home, in the office or when traveling via USB cable connection. Regulated voltage allows charging for PDA phones, to be charged via an USB connection. Universal USB-Car Charger Cigarette Lighter Adapter allows charging in your car via USB cable connection; although some devices will require a CHARGING USB cable in order to charge via this USB-Car Charger Cigarette Lighter Adapter.

The second accessory is a Multimedia Station that is more renowned and described as a dock that transforms your DROID into an all around multimedia powerhouse. The Multimedia Station lets your DROID to display photos and movies, play music, shows the weather and time, and works as an alarm clock, all while charging your phone simultaneously.

Also, one last but not the least, addition of accessory that would be worth looking into is a nice Bluetooth headset, that way you won’t be having to hold the screen up to your face whenever you speak on it. Bluetooth Headphones let you enhance your music using the bass-boost feature or conveniently hear your surroundings with a quick tap of the OpenMic button. The new generation Bluetooth headsets and headphones are designed in such a way that they are adjustable and flexible for all-day wearing comfort; moreover the headphones quickly fold up and slip into your pocket or bag.


Source by Ronniee Williams

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