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Travel Tips to Ethiopia – An Invaluable Guide For the First Time Travelers


Ethiopia is famous for its capital city and the highlands. The Ethiopian highlands are one of the major tourist attractions that help run a large number of tourism businesses like transport, accommodation and authentic African restaurants. The popular tourist destinations, which are also connected conveniently by air, include Arba Minch, Jijiga, Debre Markos and Gambela. The cities that form some of the most popular trekking routes and towns of historic importance include Axum, Gondar and Bahr Dar.

For tourists in Ethiopia, people from all countries, except Kenya, need to be carrying a visa. Each person can apply for a 1 – 3 month visit tourist visa. These visas are available at the Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa, upon arrival to tourists from Canada, USA, Australia and most European countries. In order to avail the visa, you need to show 100 USD in possession which can also be converted to Ethiopian Birr (approx. 1,400) at the exchange bureau. However, if you are looking for multiple entry tourist visas or business purpose visas, you will have to contact your nearest Ethiopian Embassy Office.

Transportation in Addis Ababa is easily available in the form of buses, taxis and private cars. Mini buses are the most convenient option for people looking to travel within a city, as well as between places of tourist interest. For most buses, it may be difficult to get a seat booking prior to traveling, but government buses can make that easier. Trains are also available for visiting cities along the only railway line in Ethiopia that connects Addis Ababa, Dire Dwaja and Djibouti City.

Ethiopia is not a place where you would feel safe all by yourself 24 x 7. However, the treks, especially along the Omo River region have gained immense popularity amongst adventure lovers, trekkers and culture enthusiasts.


Source by B H Yao

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