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Wheeling Away From Bulky Suitcases


These days, more and more travelers and vacationers are abandoning their bulky, expensive suitcases and moving towards the more versatile, easier to handle and arguably more stylish wheeled duffle bags. The onset of travel season has made it more apparent, as one glance at a busy airport will show you that majority of the travelers are rolling around a set of wheeled duffle bags while people who are having a hard time lugging around heavy, awkward and plain looking suitcases make up only the minority.

With average prices ranging from 30 dollars to 60 dollars for the average sized bags, wheeled duffle bags are substantially cheaper than suitcases, which you won’t find on sale for anything less than a hundred bucks if you’re lucky. Wheeled duffle bags can also be more portable, with retracting or foldable handles and foldable frames that make your bag smaller when not in use, as opposed to suitcases which are still big and awkward even if empty, especially with thick, deluxe leather models that can’t be folded in on itself.

There are even cases, such as with the High Sierra wheeled duffel, where you can get a multi purpose product that extends its versatility far beyond those of a normal wheeled duffle bag. With High Sierra’s product, you can have a choice between a normal duffle bag, a wheeled duffle bag, or a backpack. All it takes is a few extra actions to transform one into the other so you can use your trusty bag on airports, on your trip to the gym, or anywhere you may need a bag.

Another advantage of wheeled duffle bags against suitcases is its innate ease of use. Most duffle bags are built with features that make it easier for owners to pull out stuff and put it back in. From U shaped zipper openings that never get in the way of item arrangements, to extra padded compartments that help separate items and add another source of balance, to external pockets that look out of place on a suitcase, wheeled duffle bags are designed with functionality in mind.

Last but not the least, wheeled duffle bags these days are more trendy, and fashionable than suitcases that are normally associated with disorganized, disenfranchised travelers and businessmen who value meetings and appointments more than style and fashion. Thanks in part to movies, TV shows and advertisements that show hip, stylish models or movie stars toting around wheeled duffle bags instead of large, bulky suitcases.

There’s really no reason to switch back to suitcases these days, even regarding the size, since large, plus-sized duffle bags are starting to appear, with some of them reaching 3 feet in size, rivaling their large suitcase cousins, with extra pockets and compartments that mean they have even more space available. Now that shopping for travel equipment is in full gear, it is perfectly appropriate that you take the time to look for a wheeled duffle bag that is perfect for you and your travel needs.


Source by Cassaundra Flores

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