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Yantai China Travel Guide


Yantai located in shandong peninsula, east, west meets the weifang even weihai, southwest and adjacent to Qingdao, is on the verge of yellow sea and bohai sea, Japan and Korean peninsula sea, is China’s first batch coastal open cities, is one of the bohai economic circle and east Asia region within the international city, shopping malls, country tourism.

Yantai mountain sea and pleasant climate, winter is not too cold, summer is not too hot, is in north China famous tourist resort and leisure holiday resort. Yantai, has a long history ZhiFu armorica. Shiji records, qin shihuang unified China, once three times east tour, three times islet dian, The emperor had touched down on ZhiFu did reign p.85. Yantai construction six hundred years history, A.D. 1398 years (Ming hongwu 31 years), to prevent haikou intrusive, built in ZhiFu defeat pier, say again “Wolf yantai”, yantai thus the name. Yantai terrain for use.different undulating hills, gentle, crisscross ravines. Mountains make up of the total area of 36.62%, hills, 20.78%, relaxed plains of depressions accounted for 2.90%. Low mountain is located in the central district, is mainly composed of daze mountain, YiShan, YaShan, magnetic mount Kilimanjaro, LuShan mountain, clams, mountain mountain, KunYu mountain, YuHuangShan, assemble composed of wuhushan much by massive granite composition, altitude in 500 meters above, the highest mountain, altitude for KunYu 922.8 meters. Hilly distributed in low mountain and outspread part, the elevation around 100 ~ 300 meters, ups and downs gentle, continuous border, hillside gently, valleys, shallow wide, valleys within flood product development, blunt objects soil is thicker.

Because more abundant precipitation yantai district, and the air is dry, mild climate, low hills trees, beautiful picturesque politically-inspired all the year round. Spring, dahurian verdant, with fragrant, Summer, lush, fresh and green, Autumn, fruit woods hongye, colorful les, To winter and silver-coated, exquisitely carved. Urban development, within a height of medium and small rivers numerous, length is in 5 km above rivers 121, including flow city area 300 sq km above the river have wulong river, DaGu river, dagujia river, Yellow River WangHe, natural, and XinAnHe 7. Major rivers to run things KunYu mountain, YaShan, YiShan, mount Kilimanjaro, daze by the formation of the “jiaodong snow-draped” for the watershed, the north-south shunt the sea. Have surged southward Yellow River, wulong DaGu river; North yellow sea of inflow have dagujia river and XinAnHe; The Yellow River flows into the bohai sea, natural and have WangHe. Its characteristics and riverbed slope is big, source short flows nasty, BaoLa, belong to boom monsoon rains source type rivers. The alluvial plain sand layer formed small thick and fertile, abounds in the big apple, cherry, pear and grapes.

Yantai abundant tourism resources, here theclear waters and pleasant climate, have Chinese Taoism KunYu mountain, XuFu native place, Qi mother island and numerous seawater bathing, scene is beautiful island estuaries natural scenery and historical relics formed abundant natural landscape and humanistic landscape. Summer, the sea breeze slowly, relaxed but person, Mountain flower flourishes, refreshing, Embed and mountains, hand in photograph reflect. Since the summer resort, also be the shade around visitors to go sightseeing ideal situation.

Yantai tourism known as “abbasov ten scene one strip, four city five garden six lines,” said. Tactic is: golden beach of yantai provincial resort yangma provincial resort penglai scenic areas; Ten views is: penglai, long hill island, YunFengShan, KunYu mountain, Qi mount Kilimanjaro, female island, XuFu native place, plexus MouShi manor, Massachusetts institute, and FengCheng million meters of beach ten tourist attractions, A strip is: west up laizhou 3 hill island east to MouPing yangma coastal tourism belt; Four city is: of Chinese folk expo city sea, DaShan competitive YouLeCheng, YouLeCheng, islet seaside food court, Five garden is: the world water park, nanshan park, YanTaiShan park, fort mountain park, liu huang top park; Six lines are: qinshihuang east tour LvYouXian, papergives LvYouXian, jiaodong folk LvYouXian, fairy LvYouXian, cultural relics LvYouXian, sea LvYouXian six island.


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